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We try our hardest to meet all your lawn and garden needs. Our knowledgeable salesmen will be sure to get you into the piece of equipment to suit your needs it to and our experienced mechanics can keep it running all season long. Our success is based on your satisfaction.

New Sales

We carry several major brands and our salesmen are knowledgeable of most brands to point you in the direction of the machine that fits you best, not just the one that needs sold. 

Pick up & Delivery

Can't get to us? We offer pick up and delivery service at a reasonable price.  

Equipment Repair & Maintenance 

With 150+ years of combined mechanical experience our technicians can keep your equipment going. Our mechanics have experience repairing many older models that our competition may be unable to.


Want to do the work yourself? Come see us. We keep a large parts inventory to have what you need to finish the job.

Blade/Chain Sharpening

No matter whether you tried to mow over an iron dandelion or that rock jumped right into your chainsaw chain we can put the edge back on your equipment 


We are proud to carry Deka Batteries and can replace batteries in tractors as well as other machines

Technical Advice

Have questions? Let us help. All of our technicians and salesmen are knowledge and can answer your questions.

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